Confederazione Cobas


The result of the one-sided and fraudulent referendum at Fiat Mirafiori, is a great example of workers’ resistance and strength and must be translated into a stimulus for all waged and popular sectors towards a large sized revolt against the arrogance of the ruling class and the government ,beginning with the metalworkers’ strike called for the 28 January from Fiom and extended by COBAS as a general strike of all workers.

Although the heaviness of the vile Marchionne blackmail underlying the referendum (either you accept the “neo- slavery” we are imposing on you or you go home) more than 50% of metalworkers replied with a brave refusal: and only the foremen, who are not living the tragic condition of workers, with their vote, have made the success of the blackmail possible, even if only on a small scale. So the Fiat “gang leader” can’t crow over the victory, but at his assault, in the name of a parasiticaland reactionary ruling class, against what is left of the waged rights , must respond a vast social front.

For this reason Cobas took it upon themselves to call for a general strike of all workers of the public and private sectors for the entire day on the 28 of January, also replying the strong requests of “extending” the strike, coming from the students movement and from many structures of social, local and environmental conflict which have been drastically rejected by Cgil as they support liberist politics and over the past years have been responsible with Cisl and Uil for the destruction of union rights and the right to strike .

The great resistance of workers at FIAT is giving further prominence to the 28 of January general strike when we have to bring into play the widest social front to beat the arrogance of the employers, the ruling class and the government , to unmask the fake opposition in parliament and collaborationist trade unions, to gain back jobs, income , pensions, social and public structures starting with school, health service, transport and energy, common goods ( water in primis) , political, social and union rights.


Piero Bernocchi National spokesman of COBAS